Facts about Coimbatore

Why Is Coimbatore A Good Place To Live?

Coimbatore is a metropolitan city of Tamil Nadu which has many attractive aspects that make it a good place to live in.  Hire a Chennai to Coimbatore Taxi Drop Taxi and visit Coimbatore to know more! Before that, go through our blog to get a clear idea about this beautiful city!

Manchester Of South India

Coimbatore is known as the Manchester of South India due to the presence of a lot of cotton and textile production units. There are numerous industries, educational institutions, IT parks, tourist spots and many more aspects which make it a perfect city. There are several industries contributing to the economy of the country. People are generally very polite and respectable and lead a very simple and peaceful life. 

There are many factors that make Coimbatore a preferable place to live.

1. Weather

The city has a very pleasant tropical climate all through the year. The climate is ideal for people of all age groups. It is neither humid or chill, but a perfect balance to get a peaceful experience. The summer season is from March to May. Monsoons are between October and November. The rest of the year has a pleasant and balanced climate.

2. Security And Safety

Coimbatore is one of the safest cities of Tamil Nadu with a very less crime rate. If you live in a gated community, it would be the safest surroundings in the city with security service also being available. You can move around Coimbatore at any time in the day or at night safely.

Healthcare Facilities And Hospitals

Coimbatore has a number of healthcare facilities in Tamil Nadu, South India. The city possess the most famous hospitals of India with elaborate infrastructure, latest technological medical instruments and doctors who provide world class treatment and save the lives of many who throng into the city from other cities and states of India. If you are a person with medical ailments, you can reach any type of healthcare facility at any time immediately.

1. Water

One of the most important need for human life is water. Coimbatore has abundant water supply from two water sources Siruvani and Athikadavu. Compared to other cities, Coimbatore is a fertile land with more underground water also. You can also opt to install a borewell at your residence for extra water. There is also underwater supply available throughout the city.

2. Temples

Coimbatore is surrounded by many famous temples like the Marudhamalai Temple, Eachanari temple, Perur temple, Masaniamman temple, Iyyappan temple and Ukkadam temple, and many others. You can reach the famous Guruvayoor temple in Kerala in just 3-½ hours and Pazhani in 2-½ hours. Every year, millions of people arrive in Coimbatore to visit all these temples.

3. Natural Surroundings

Even though it is a busy city, it is not a concrete jungle. As the famous hill station Ooty is just 75 kilometers from the city and as it is surrounded by the Western Ghats, it has a very cool and pleasant climate with beautiful natural views that make the city the best place to live in.

4. Language and Respect

The Tamil dialect of Coimbatore is considered to be the most respectable form of Tamil. The people respect everyone from every walk of life and welcome guests from other cities or states as their own family. Their mannered behaviour is appreciated by people all over the world.

5. Food

Coimbatore has the best foods available throughout the city.  There are both veg and non-veg hotels to refresh you. Coimbatore also has the best 5-star residential hotels which are located in a peaceful area which provide the best quality foods to you.

6.  Malls, Shopping Centers and Cinemas

You have some famous malls, shopping centers and cinemas to entertain you and your family in Coimbatore. You have the best shops for buying quality sarees and readymade garments to delight your family.

7. Educational Institutions and Job Opportunities

Education and job are the most essential things that we aspire for our children or ourselves. Coimbatore is the most suitable place to acquire the best education and job in any field like IT, mechanical, textile, education, healthcare and more.

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