Cost Of Living In Chennai

Cost Of Living In Chennai

Are you relocating to Chennai from Madurai, Coimbatore, Salem, or any other city of Tamil Nadu? Are you aware of the cost of living in Chennai? The capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai can give you either a very inexpensive life or a  luxurious life according to your own choice. Read our article further to know about the various factors affecting the cost of living in Chennai. Hire a Madurai to Chennai Taxi to visit Chennai at any time you want with One Trip Taxi Service.

It is one of the 4 metro cities in the country. Located on the Coromandel Coast, it is one of the most highly populated cities in India. 


1. Rental House

Are you an IT employee working at one of the major ITparks in Chennai? You can rent a house near those areas. The rent varies according to the location and the cost of the building.

In the main area of the city, the rent ranges between INR 13400 for 1BHK and INR 34000 for 3BHK. In the outer area, the rent ranges between INR 7700 for 1BHK and INR 19000 for 3BHK.

The rent for a 2BHK is between INR 9000 and INR 23000 depending on the location.  For a paying guest (PG), the accommodation cost would be between INR 8900 and INR 13000.  Rent of an independent flat in Chennai costs INR 1 Lakh and INR 2 Lakh per month.  

2. Own House In Chennai

If you wish to buy a home in Chennai, the rate varies from place to place. If you buy a home, the property rates in Chennai vary from one location to another. The average per square meter price is INR 1.50 lakhs in the city limits and in the outskirts is around INR 50000.

3. Electricity 

The weather in Chennai is very hot during summers and even and winter is not very long. Most of the time, The climate is so hot. You need to spend a lot on electricity for fan and air conditioner. The average monthly electricity cost is between INR 1500 and INR 2500 varying according to the size of your home.

4. Broadband

A broadband connection is very crucial in Chennai which will cost you about INR 800 and INR 1000 per month.

5. Grocery

An average monthly grocery bill may range from INR 3000 to INR 6000. If you need a maid to cook, the cost can be up to INR 4000 per month for the maid.

6. Food

If you plan not to cook at home and eat from hotels, Chennai offers lunch and tiffin services. The average tiffin cost is about INR 250 and you would have to spend INR 15000 for a whole month.

7. Transportation

There are local and metro railway systems but most people prefer the local more. The one-way fare on local transport costs INR 20 and a monthly pass INR 1000.

8. Entertainment

Weekend dinner, hanging out in a cafe, movies, and other entertainment activities influence the expenses of life in Chennai. A meal for two costs approximately Rs. 1000 will come. Movie ticket price ranges between INR 120 and INR 200.

9. Kids’ Education

A good nanny service costs about INR 12000 per month.  Moreover, the monthly fee for preschool is INR 4600. Yearly primary school fees can cost you over INR 1 lakh.

10. Fitness

The average monthly gym fees may be INR 1500. To play tennis, you need to spend around INR 500 for one hour.

11. Shopping

You may need about INR 20000 month for shopping if you are a family of 4 people.

Average Monthly Cost Of Living


Bachelors can live alone or can opt for co-living in PGs. These include meals, housekeeping facilities, Wi-Fi, and more.  The total expense can be from INR 5000 and INR 8000. Eating and shopping may cost around INR 700 and INR 1000.


A 1BHK flat rent is between INR 8000 and INR 12000. For transportation, fuel cost INR 5000 to INR 6000 per month. Local train pass costs INR 1000 per month. Household expenses cost INR 8000 to INR 10000  per month.


The rent for a 2BHK is between INR 12000 and INR 15000 per month.  If you avail a home loan, your expense will be more. Living costs for families are higher as they need money for children’s education, maid, groceries, childcare, and more.

Consider all the above factors before shifting to Chennai from Madurai or any other city.  Plan your finances, job, education, housing facilities etc, accordingly.  For commuting, you can always use Madurai to Chennai Drop Taxi to travel to Chennai. Inside chennai also you can avail one-way taxi which is the best option to travel as you have to pay only charge for dropping you. 

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