Travel From Chennai Airport To Pondicherry

Have you just landed in Chennai? Need to travel to Pondicherry? Are you planning to travel alone, with family or with friends? There is no direct flight to reach Pondicherry from anywhere in the country. So, the options for you are to go by flight, bus, or cab. Hiring a Chennai to Pondicherry one way taxi would be the best idea for you.

Pondicherry Travel Tips

We have listed some important travel tips that will be useful for your plan for a trip to Pondicherry. We are sure, a glance at them will help you take the necessary steps to plan your itinerary accordingly. 


In South India, you will have language problems as people only speak their local language. Of course, some might speak English fluently. But in Pondicherry, you will not have that problem because as Pondicherry was a French Colony, people speak French and they are also good at English. Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu.

Travel in Pondicherry

You will surely need some mode of transport to reach the various tourist spots in Pondicherry. Are you wondering if you can hire rickshaws to cross small distances? They will charge you more! The best option would be to hire rental cabs to visit the various places in the city safely. You can explore the city with the help of Google Maps.

Book Your Stay

If you prefer to avoid crowds in hotels, book your hotel early in the tourist season. There are numerous hotels in this beautiful town where you can stay comfortably. There are many types of hotels like lodges and individual villas. You might book whichever type you would prefer.

The Best Season To Visit Pondicherry

Before visiting any place, you should know the best season to visit to make it a perfect trip. The best season to visit Pondicherry is the monsoon and winter. So, plan your trip anytime between November and March. The temperature is soothing and in the range of 17 to 35 degrees Celsius. Avoid visiting Pondicherry during summer as you will not be able to bear the scorching heat of the sun during this period when the temperature is more than 40 degrees Celsius.

Safety In Pondicherry

Pondicherry is a safe city to visit but there are lots of deceivers who look for opportunities to play a fool of the tourists. While hiring jeeps and bikes, you should take a picture of the entire vehicle, otherwise, the owner might blame you for any damages which were already there. Also, roaming around the city at night is very dangerous. It is safe to stay inside any resort, hotel, or cafe. If you want to go outside at night, go along with at least 5-6 people, and do not take kids while roaming at night with you. Many areas are dark and quiet. So always carry a torch. Keep your valuables or big amounts safely in the rooms. Keep away from beggars who might also be dangerous persons.

Food In Pondicherry

The food available in a city reflects the culture and tradition of that place. Pondicherry which is a coastal city on the Coromandel Coast of Tamil Nadu, South India, was ruled by the French. Hence, the food available here has the flavors of both Tamil Nadu and France. You can start your day with a French breakfast, having a cup of fuming French espresso, crispy croissant with baked baguette. For lunch and dinner, you can try tandoori potato, coconut curry, Assad, soya dosa, and prawn curry in the Tamil Nadu style of cooking. You should not miss pal payasam, a very delicious dessert.

Hope you liked our blog about the important tips to remember while traveling to Pondicherry. As hiring a Chennai to Pondicherry Drop Taxi is the best idea, so is hiring a taxi from Pondicherry to Chennai a very good idea to return to Chennai. 

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