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Why one way drop taxi From Chennai to Bangalore?

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One trip taxi services provide Chennai to Bangalore drop taxi at Rs. 4664 for those looking for a convenient and hassle-free trip at the lowest taxi fare in the market. The distance between Chennai and Bangalore is 328 kilometers, and our charge is calculated as 328 x 13/ KM plus a driver’s fee of Rs. 400, for a total of Rs. 4664. 

We provide one-way drop off taxis or round-trip taxis from Chennai to Bangalore at the most competitive costs available. Online taxi reservations are quick and hassle-free with only a few clicks.

But One Trip Taxi is offer you Chennai to Bangalore Drop Taxi Services in affordable price. You can travel with comfort and safety . For four people it will come below Rs.5000.

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Why Choose One trip Taxi?

on time pickup
on-time pickup
Friendly & Helpful Support Team
Friendly & Helpful Support Team
zero cancellation Fee
No hidden costs
Chennai To Srirangam Car Rental

4 seats  AC/ Non AC Available

One Way

Rs 13

Per Km


Round Trip

Rs 11

Per Km


6 seats  AC/ Non AC Available

One Way

Rs 18

Per Km


Round Trip

Rs 14

Per Km

₹ 4992

5 seats  AC/ Non AC Available

One Way

Rs 14

Per Km


Round Trip

Rs 11

Per Km

Chennai To Srirangam Car Rental

8 seats  AC/ Non AC Available

One Way

Rs 19

Per Km


Round Trip

Rs 15

Per Km

Cabs from Chennai Included kms & Taxi fare Details Cab Price
Chennai To Coimbatore Cab 505 KM (8 hr 59 min)
505 KM x Rs.13 + 400 (driver batta)
₹ 6965
Chennai To Bangalore Cab 328 KM (7 hr 25 min)
328 KM x Rs.13 + 400 (driver batta)
₹ 4664
Chennai To Salem Cab 344 KM (6 hr 26 min)
344 KM x Rs.13 + 400 (driver bata)
₹ 4872
Chennai To Madurai Cab 462 KM (8 hr 14 min)
462 KM x Rs.13 +400 (driver batta)
₹ 6406
Chennai To Pondicherry Cab 150 KM ( 2 hr 49 min)
150 KM x Rs. 13 + 400 (driver batta)
₹ 2350
Chennai To Tiruvannamalai Cab 195 KM (4 hr 14 min)
195 KM x Rs. 13 + 400 (driver batta)
₹ 2935
Chennai To Trichy Cab 331 KM (6 hr 16 min)
331 KM x Rs.13 + 400 (driver batta)
₹ 4703

Why to choose us for Chennai to Bangalore online booking? 

One Trip Taxi services provide both one-way and round-trip cab services for local and outstation trip, with prices starting at Rs.13/KM for one-way and Rs.11/KM for round-trip in a sedan cab (prices may vary depending on cab type). Our cabs are ready for pickup at your doorstep to help you reach your destination in an emergency, even in unsafe nighttime situations and crowded places. No longer will you have to be concerned about unexpected fees because all of our billing is upfront. You only pay for what you see. There are no hidden charges. We are functioning 24/7, and you will be receiving immediate assistance.

To save money, you can use our drop-off taxi service from Chennai to Bangalore. There are no additional fees; you simply pay for the drop service.

How to use the One Trip Taxi website to book a taxi from Chennai to Bangalore:

Step 1: Visit website

Step 2: Enter the mandatory Contact details – Name & Mobile Number

Step 3: Enter Chennai as your departure city, Bangalore as your destination, and the date of travel.

Step 4: Select the type of car which you will be requiring.The cab will be updated and you can proceed to book the cab

Step 5: The booking details will be sent to your mobile number and you will receive the call from the driver.

Step 6: You can pay for the  ride once you reach the destination.

Chennai To Bangalore Distance : NH 48 ( Route 1)

Chennai To Bangalore Distance : NH 44 to NH 48 (Route 2)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The distance between Chennai & Bangalore varies depending on the route taken. It is 352.4 km via NH 48, 328.1 km via NH 75 and 340.2 km via NH 716A and NH75

One Trip Taxi is one of the best cab services between Chennai & Bangalore because of its affordable price & the car specifications.

The average taxi fare between Chennai and Bangalore is Rs.5000/- exclusive of toll charges.

Types of cabs available are Sedan, Premier, XUV & XL.Sedan & Premier are 4 seater ( 3+1) , XUV is sometimes 4 seater( 3+1) or 6 seater (5+1) & XL is upto 6 - 8 seater.

Taxi rides are comfortable and cozy for traveling between Chennai and Bangalore,as the main advantage is an individual can board a cab in their convenient timing,and also will have privacy during the trip.If required the passenger can even request for a break during the trip.

Usually the cab operators will have a specific application or website for booking a cab for the trip.For booking a cab with One Trip Taxi you can contact us on +91 72000 77785 or visit our website, we are operating round the clock.

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